“Learning is an act of excellence”。

Vice Loo, Master Trainer

All Out for everything !

It is undeniable that education have changed my life in the past twenty years or so. Growing up in Malaysia with a Chinese educated family background, we have been thought to study hard, strive for good results in order to live a good life in the future.

Dr . Penny Leong

Executive Director

The Power of Dreams !

He is endlessly passionate towards about life and this what make him as a life coach for others , his introvert yet extrovert personality enables him to be adaptive in all environments. His envisioned bigger cause while he is executing his duty, he aims for the higher standard each time achieving his goals and targets.

His astonishing charm while coaching, his loving way of training and coaching makes people can’t resist but just to listen and learn from him.

Vice Loo

Master Trainer

Everyone is teachable and learnable

She believes, everyone in this world able to learn everything and anything. Thus, she always shared all her knowledge and all her knowings to others. Her laughters rimed with learnings, learning should be fun is her motto. At the same time, she exercised great love in her education in many ways, this has allowed everyone regardless of age group or background able to experience the fun of learning.

By innovating learning, diversifying the elements of education, aiming to maximize the benefits of learning to everyone.

Keller Loo

Master Trainer

Your Leaning Partner

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